What is Ringi? Unique Japanese Decision-making System

The significance of decisions in general is, in a lot of cultures, tied to power and authority. Inevitably, making decisions can be used and seen as a manifestation of such power and authority. Yet, in some cultures, authority is expected

2022-10-25 | Blog |
Comparing National Holidays in Japan and Germany

For employees at both Japanese companies in Germany, and German companies with Japanese business ties, it could prove useful to have an understanding of both countries’ work and holiday calendars. In this article, we will go through the public holidays

2022-08-26 | Blog |
Why employees quit. Explanations behind the market shift

Staff turnover has been increasing in markets all over the world. This economic shift has been particularly pronounced in the US, since the extensive availability of the COVID-19 vaccination program has led to a decrease in covid-related laydowns and shutdowns.

2022-08-03 | Blog |
How to do Business calls to Japanese companies (with samples)

There are many advantages to talking on the phone over face-to-face contact; for one, it enables fast response times, and second, it is a very convenient means of communication. Yet, although the phone call may perhaps be one of the

2022-07-04 | Blog |
Hamburg – Japanese Speaking Career and Business Life for Expats

Hamburg is the second-most populous city in Germany with approximately 1,8 million inhabitants – only outnumbered (although, by a lot) by the capital Berlin. Hamburg is thus one of the larger cities in all of Europe. Hamburg is especially known

2022-05-31 | Blog |
3 Useful Japanese Business Proverbs to Understand Japanese Culture

If you work for a Japanese company or market, you’d most likely often communicate and work with Japanese people. If you then also were born and grew up outside of Japan, such interaction and/or communication could prove to be difficult

2022-04-25 | Blog |
Germany as a country for Japanese speaking job seekers: Germany and France – a comparison

Germany and France make out two of the larger, richer and more stable countries in the EU, rendering them both viable and attractive options for foreign workers. However, when it comes to Japanese speakers, Germany is definitely the better option

2022-03-29 | Blog |
List of Jobs in Germany that do not Require German Language Skills

While looking for available jobs in Germany, you may notice that most positions require German language skills, which may make you tempted to give up on finding a job in the country. However, there is a small amount of jobs

2022-03-04 | Blog |
German Cities with the Most Thriving Japanese Communities

Germany offers great opportunities for those looking for work at Japanese companies and/or in Japanese-speaking positions in Europe. When deciding where to potentially work in Germany, the location of the company or university, characteristics of the city in question are

2022-03-02 | Blog |
Why Germany is the Best Country for job Opportunities with Japanese Speaking Skills

There are not many countries in Europe that can boast having large Japanese communities – among those where Japanese companies and consequently communities thrive, Germany certainly takes one of the top spots. There are plenty of reasons as to why

2022-01-31 | Blog |