The Biggest Japanese Community in Germany: Business Life in Düsseldorf

As of 2019, there were more than 1,500 Japanese companies operating in Germany, 500 of which were located in or near Düsseldorf. In the early years post-World War II, Japanese companies began to set up offices in Düsseldorf, and in

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Differences in Work Culture Between Japan and Germany

For many Germans, or for those who are used to European work culture, the Japanese work culture can be seen as very different and strange. Differences in work culture between Germany and Japan can lead to barriers and problems, especially

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Japanese Terms to Remember When Getting Hired by a Japanese Manufacturer

When you have started working in a Japanese company, you can sometimes get confused as you often hear terms that you haven’t encountered yet at university or language school. In this column, I will summarize some of the Japanese business

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Job Opportunities for Japanese Speakers in Germany

It’s not widely known but in fact, people who speak Japanese fluently or at least at business level, have many job opportunities in Germany in regards to Japanese-related industries. There are around 2,000 Japanese companies in Germany and many of

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Job Description of and Requirements for Sales Positions at Japanese Companies in Germany

What are the most common types of jobs available? In Japanese companies, sales jobs are the most common. In this article, an in-depth explanation of the often advertised and popular job title “International sales position,” will be provided. Particularly, this

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Points to Consider When Attending a Job Interview at a Japanese Company in Germany

According to JETRO, more than 1,500 Japanese companies were operating in Germany as of 2017 – even in a country where many multinational companies are based, the number of Japanese companies present stands out. Interestingly, even though Japanese companies have

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Questions You May be Asked During a Job Interview at a Japanese company in Germany

Similar to when you change careers in Japan, there are some template questions that are commonly used in job interviews at Japanese companies in Germany. Your performance during interviews can be improved if you have prepared the answers for such

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Manners When Having Dinner With a Japanese Boss or Colleague

If you are employed by a Japanese company, you will often have opportunities to have drinks and meals with your Japanese boss and colleagues. In Japanese society, certain norms exist even in these kinds of situations that do not appear

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