Why employees quit. Explanations behind the market shift

Staff turnover has been increasing in markets all over the world. This economic shift has been particularly pronounced in the US, since the extensive availability of the COVID-19 vaccination program has led to a decrease in covid-related laydowns and shutdowns.

2022-08-03 | Blog |
Hamburg – Japanese Speaking Career and Business Life for Expats

Hamburg is the second-most populous city in Germany with approximately 1,8 million inhabitants – only outnumbered (although, by a lot) by the capital Berlin. Hamburg is thus one of the larger cities in all of Europe. Hamburg is especially known

2022-05-31 | Blog |
Germany as a country for Japanese speaking job seekers: Germany and France – a comparison

Germany and France make out two of the larger, richer and more stable countries in the EU, rendering them both viable and attractive options for foreign workers. However, when it comes to Japanese speakers, Germany is definitely the better option

2022-03-29 | Blog |
List of Jobs in Germany that do not Require German Language Skills

While looking for available jobs in Germany, you may notice that most positions require German language skills, which may make you tempted to give up on finding a job in the country. However, there is a small amount of jobs

2022-03-04 | Blog |
The Changing Expatriate System: Why Local Employees in Germany are Key to Japanese Companies’ Localisation

Until a decade ago, the local offices of Japanese multinational companies were generally managed by Japanese expatriates from headquarters in Japan. As the times change, so do the trends in international Human Resources (HR), and many multinational companies (MNCs) are

2021-06-09 | Blog |
What is the Customer Service Position at Japanese Company in Germany?

You can find customer service positions in many Japanese companies operating in Germany. However, this position is slightly different from other customer service positions in Germany in general. In this article, we will explain the characteristics of said position in

2021-06-09 | Blog |
5 Advantages of Working for Japanese MNEs in Germany

The more than 2,000 Japanese multinational enterprises (MNEs) existing in Germany are popular working places not only for Japanese expatriates but also German or third-country nationals regardless of their Japanese language skills. However, for many European candidates, it is not

2021-05-25 | Blog |
The Role of the Business Development Position in Japanese Companies for German/English Native Speaker

Viewing job vacancy ads for Japanese companies in Germany, one oftentimes comes across the wording “Business Development” in the job description. One may have a vague idea of what “business development” means, but what does it mean exactly? In this

2021-05-24 | Blog |
Local HR Development Strategies of Japanese Companies in Germany

When the Japanese economy swept over the world market and many Japanese companies expanded overseas, plenty of papers addressed the topic of Japanese management policies – many favorably. However, among these, some critical opinions were also expressed, one such regarding

2021-05-24 | Blog |
Job Opportunities for Japanese Speakers in Germany

It’s not widely known but in fact, people who speak Japanese fluently or at least at business level, have many job opportunities in Germany in regards to Japanese-related industries. There are around 2,000 Japanese companies in Germany and many of

2021-05-17 | Blog |